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Date : 10-04-30 11:39
The President Lee, Myeong-Bak Visited
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"I like that the Korean enterprises improve their business," and "The government is responsible for the enterprises to get better," The President Lee said on 14th.

This afternoon the President visited Listem, medical device manufacturer, as a part of visiting of
small and medium-sized businesses, and said "It is a real happiness that the employees love their own company and job. Please keep working hard.”

The President said, "I’ve heard that ‘Listem’ has 20 billion Won in annual sales and about 150 employees, but you should make it more," and "It is the way to improve the company that you’d better be harmonious between labor and management,” he urged.

Besides, President Lee urged that 'The Information Intensive Industry’ would be a very promising industry in the near future, and said “When I went to Germany, I found an advanced technology . They destroy a cerebral tumor just by X-ray shot without any brain surgery.”

Following after this, he highly praised that Listem uses 100% self-developed technology and then encouraged “We, Korean companies, need to develop our own competitive technology much more".

The President Lee told one of Filipino workers “All the good looking employees are from the Philippines.” and even offered a toast with a coffee to all the participants.

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