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Date : 10-04-30 11:40
Selected as a respectable enterpriser in small and medium-sized business in May
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Moon Chang-Ho, the president of LISTEM Corp., was selected as a respectable enterpriser in small and medium-sized business in May by The Medium and Small Business Administration (SMBA, Administrator, Seok-Woo Hong) and Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business (Chairman, Ki-Moon Kim).

LISTEM Corporation is a representative manufacturer of medical X-ray system in Korea and has recorded $200 million in annual sales competing with GE, Philips, Toshiba and other global companies. President Moon has localized X-ray system as a result of focusing on R&D since succeeding family business in 1988. It is awarded LISDR system as a World Best Product in The Next Generation in 2002, UNI-DR(Universal Radiography System) as a Word Best Product with President’s Award in sequence.

UNI-DR acquired not only Certificate of Foreign manufacturing for medical devices by MHLW and launched exporting to Japan, but also CE Certificate for European market. Listem has about 60 distributors over the world such as the US, Japan, Europe, Russia, South-East Asia, and has been improving its brand recognition with variety of product for each continent.

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