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Date : 10-04-30 11:42
[Future Leading Company] Listem, Radiology Medical Equipment
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Listem Corp. (CEO Moon Chang Ho) is the Korea leading company in manufacturing and developing diagnostic radiography equipment such as general radiography system and special use of. With more than 80% of market share of radiography medical equipment in domestic, Listem has maintained 70% of market share on Middle/Small size hospitals, Clinics, public health centers and military hospitals through the national distributor network. Further more, Once Listem segments their market to University Hospital and General Hospital, they have been to expand to Digital Medical Equipment market by supplying filmless Digital Radiography equipment and Digital Fluoroscopy Equipment to the PACS equipped University Hospitals and General Hospitals.


With global distributors network over 50 countries such as the United States, Europe, Russia, North Korea, Philippines, Egypt, South Africa, Indonesia, china and so on, Listem has expanded  their overseas business by supplying differentiated equipment on each continent and strengthened brand awareness by participating in public tender, OEM project and overseas distributors. Especially, Listem has been supported from government’s export supporting program through the Digital Fluoroscopy System (LISDR) awarded “World-Best Product of Next Generation) by the Ministry of Commerce. In addition, Listem has been developing individual overseas markets for expanding the business and strengthened the brand awareness; and made a foothold into the massive expansion of the global market by participated in North America Radiological Society (RSNA) and German Medical Equipment Fair(MEDICA) with its own big scaled booth.

In addition, Listem had acquired the Certificate of Foreign Manufacturing for UNI-DR (Universal Digital Radiography System) from Japan in December, 2006, and signed 30 Million Dollar deal  with Japan Chiyoda for 3 years. Based on acknowledge of the technical capability, UNI-DR was awarded “World-Class Product” on December 2006 and certified by CE in March 2007.

Regarding the government support technology development project, Listem has been selected a developer of G7 Project by the Ministry of Health from 1998 to 2002. During this period, Listem completed development of Spiral Scanning X-Ray Equipment through 5 Billion won development fund. At the same period, Listem completed the project of Digital Radiography System and High-performance/ High resolution X-ray tube by September 2009. In addition, Nano Electron microscope was developed by Listem. Through all this accomplishment, Listem has been taking a role to improve national competitiveness in technology.

Listem’s new strategy is to be the world best medical equipment manufacturer by 100% of localization of cutting-edge digital products such as DR, Digital R/F, C-Arm and Mobile beyond existing conventional X-ray equipment. Through this strategy, Listem will lead to Developed countries in Health Care through development of Korea medical device industry.

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Over the past 50 Years, through continuous R&D, LISTEM has been a leader in digital x-ray, c-arm system.
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