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Date : 10-04-30 11:43
Listem Corp. signed MOU with Uzbekistan
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The conference for mutual business cooperation between Wonju-Si and Uzbekistan was held at Investment Consulting Room of City Hall on 31th As Kim Gi Yeol, the Mayor of Wonju-Si, Kim Young Ho, the Director of Wonju Medical Industry Techno Valley, Shin Dae Yong, the Director of Gangwon Leading Industry supporting Team and Moon Chang Ho, the CEO of Listem, were participated, they discussed mutual cooperation for development of Medical Equipment Industry with the Uzbekistan Delegation.

In addition, Listem Corp. signed MOU(Memorandum of Understanding) for establishing the joint venture with Uztip Techica Limited Liability Company) and proclaimed their plan to build the Assembly plant in Uzbekistan and develop the Central Asia market.

“This is the great gift to Uzbekistan to visit Wonju-Si which is the representative city of Korea medical equipment industry and sign the MOU(Memorandum of Understanding) for establishing the joint venture with Listem Corp. We will support as much as possible for success of this project.” Hodgebekov Marrat.the deputy health minister, said

Kim Gi Yeol, the Mayor, said, “On the behalf of the citizens, we welcome the visit of the Uzbekistan delegation," and "We will establish the medical device cluster by collaboration between countries and strengthening cooperating between international organization for medical and medical equipment companies.”

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